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Hi, my name is Annika. I grew up in Bedfordshire and have recently moved back here after spending the last decade falling in love with London - but you can't turn down free childcare (thanks, Mum!).

I taught my first music lesson when I was 10; a recorder lesson to a girl in the year below me. I made 50p for a 30-minute lesson and I thought I was rolling in it. I spent my millions exclusively on Magic Stars from the post office in the village.

After years of teaching recorder, flute, piano, saxophone and clarinet whilst in school I took the classic 'musician-turned-accountant' career path... but never gave up music. I continued to perform in various bands and orchestras but hundreds of spreadsheets and two babies later I've decided to go back to doing what I love best full time - so here I am!

Click on the below links to find out more about the classes and I hope to see you super soon!

WhatsApp / text me on 07417 420670 or email for all enquiries


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