summary of classes

teenie jam (0-8 months / non movers)

very chilled baby and parent / carer group; we've all had no sleep to lets sing some nursery rhymes, let the babies enjoy some music and sensory while we listen to some UK garage and scoff chocolate together


tuesdays @ 11:30

wednesdays @ 11:30

fridays @ 11:30

tots jam (8 months - 4 years)

lively tots and adult group! lots of dancing and running around, singing, instruments, ribbons, pom poms, light up disco and bubbles

tuesdays @ 9:30

tuesdays @ 10:30

wednesdays @ 9:30

wednesdays @ 10:30

wednesdays @ 2:00

fridays @ 9:30

fridays @ 10:30

fridays @ 1:00

mellow jam (8 mths-4 years but primarily for younger / more reserved tots)

very chilled vibe. class content is exactly the same as tots jam but mellow jam is specifically for younger tots (so 8-18 months) or more shy / reserved older tots who might feel overwhelmed in our tots jam class

fridays @ 2pm

Any questions at all,  just email me on or comment in the 'lets chat' box below

Hope to see you at a jam super soon!