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teenie jam

0-12 months
weds @ 11:00
weds @ 12:00
fri @ 11:30

£6 for 1 adult and bubbas

CONGRATULATIONS! You have the most gorgeously scrumptious bundle(s) of joy... and now what?!


If you are anything like me, you might be feeling a bit lost (and, dare I say, bored?) I know that, for me, my baby groups were a lifeline, and, hallelujah, some adult conversation (even if it is just about who got the least amount of sleep!).

So I knew when I started tots jam, I just had to have a teenie jam: a space for those little miracles and their grown ups to come for some singing and sensory together; including live saxophone playing and bubbles!

Most importantly teenie jam gives you some time to just sit, judgement free, with some other very tired adults, and eat biscuits while your babies are entertained! 

EVERYONE WELCOME! Happy babies, grumpy babies, confident babies, shy babies, mamas, daddas, grannies, grandads, nannies, aunties, uncles... 

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