what you say

"Lots of lovely songs and so friendly. I felt instantly at ease so thank you again x"

"A group leader who is very talented - my baby was mesmerised by you playing music."

"Baby groups are few and far between at the moment but that doesnt take way from your class being brilliant"

"It was the first time i had been out with my baby...and I have to say I felt like a different person when I got home, improved my mental health so much being out and about...meeting other mums and talking to people.

I highly recommend them"

"your classes are such an important lifeline for parents"


"Loved the rave part"

"I love that its intimate and so friendly. I enjoyed the class just as much as my baby! The mums get to chat and we get garage music and some biscuits! What more could you want!?"

"I was a little anxious being a first time mummy! Not knowing what to expect. Also it being the first little group we've attending and I'm so glad we did! He had a great time and it was nice for me to see and meet other mummy's."

"We really loved your playing and the small group size allowing for a chat (also loved the biscuit, thank you!)"

"I enjoyed you playing the instruments with rave gloves - very impressive!"

"Watching my girl with a pair of maracas shaking them along to you playing 'Happy' on the saxophone is one of those happy proud mum moments!"

"your group has been our favourite. So relaxed and child led!!! He was mesmerised by your saxophone. Thank you very much, we will defo be booking on again!!!"


"We loved the live music!"

"I liked how it felt as though we were at a friends house. You're just so friendly and that makes a huge difference."

"felt very safe the whole time with covid restrictions"

Thanks to all my (anonymous) jammers for these lovely comments. 

Just a little note to say some of the above comments refer to mums but all grown ups are welcome to attend with their accompanying little ones. We do have a few dads, grandparents and other guardians who enjoying jamming too!