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solo jam

Private lessons for adults and children of all ages on flute, saxophone, piano, clarinet, trumpet

Including 'bring your baby' lessons for adults on parental leave with no childcare

please contact me on 07417 420670 or

First lesson is free! 

Ok, so there's not much 'jamming' in these lessons but I have a theme and I'm sticking with it!

Private music lessons available for children and adults for:

        - Flute

        - Saxophone

        - Piano

        - Recorder

        - Clarinet

        - Trumpet

        - Theory

Teaching private music lessons is what I grew up doing and I love it. I have taught everyone from a 5-year-old who just had to learn the recorder with his big sister to a very talented 15-year-old flautist passing her ABRSM exams with flying colours to a 50-year-old complete beginner saxophonist who wanted to join the local town band. 


The first question I always ask is 'what do you want to achieve?' A certain Grade? Extra practice to help with school orchestra pieces? To play with a band? Or to just be able to play your favourite piece of music when you feel like it? I can then tailor the lessons to exactly what you need and then not only will you hopefully achieve that goal but you will enjoy the lessons getting you there.

I do two mini recitals a year (one in summer, one at christmas) in The Jam House (aka my converted garage) to give everyone a chance to perform for their grownups. 

I also offer the chance for you to bring your baby to your lessons so if you are on parental leave and fancy doing something thats just for you but have no childcare....just bring your baby along, I have more than enough toys to keep them entertained while you enjoy learning a new instrument. 

So please, please, please, don't be shy. If you have an instrument lying on top of your wardrobe that you haven't looked at in years or you have a 10-year-old begging you to learn a 'real' instrument then just give me a call - the first lesson is free, so you can try before you buy! 

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